Our history

Pastisseries Pomar has over 116 years of experience. This family tale began one day in March 1902, when Francesc Pomar i Aguiló opened a small bread and ensaïmada bakery in the centre of the village of Campos, in Carrer de Plaça, 20, where it still stands today, adding pastries and tarts to the range of products, which he had learnt to make in Barcelona where he had also run his own business. Years later, his son Joan Pomar i Pomar took over from his father, with the support of his mother Francisca Pomar and his wife Magdalena Mir i Cladera.

Their son Francesc Pomar i Mir, together with his wife Francisca Oliver i Roig, took the reins of the business in 1965 and transformed the bakery into one of the most famous patisseries in Majorca. Francesc introduced many concepts to the island (sweet, savoury, chocolates, ingredients, recipes...) that he had learnt on different courses, studies and journeys that he undertook for this purpose. He had also worked and learnt alongside the best master confectioners in the world and more importantly at his own Majorcan patisserie school (the first in Majorca), where he taught as much as he learnt. Francesc firmly believed that the profession of confectioner is enriched by sharing recipes with other masters, which is something he discovered by doing away with the taboo of sharing pastry recipes.

More than a century has passed since the beginnings of the Can Pomaret bakery, nowadays known as Pastisseries Pomar. More than a century of experience, sacrifice, passion for work, vision of the future, enthusiasm for learning and increasing knowledge, innovation...

Today, the fourth and fifth generations – the children and grandchildren of Francesc Pomar and Francisca Oliver – are the ones at the forefront of the business, filled with same enthusiasm as their ancestors. Knowledge can be shared but skill cannot.

Pomar has four shops, two in Campos (C. de Plaça, 20 and C. de Jaume II, 2) and two in Palma (C. de Manacor, 3 and C. del Baró de Santa Maria del Sepulcre, 12).

The everyday efforts of all those involved is what makes us who we are.

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